thesaurus-manager app with laravel + neo4j

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Open Thesaurus Manager

If you want to create your own thesaurus this project will be a super fast solution for you.


You may not need a web server for development. Laravel's artisan tool will be enough for creating a built-in web server like : php artisan serve --port 8081


Clone project to your machine.

$ git clone

Create a database named 'thesaurus'

$ mysql -uroot -proot -e "create database thesaurus charset utf8"

Install composer packages

$ composer install

Update your settings

$ vim app/config/database.php

Run db migration commands

$ php artisan migrate --package=cartalyst/sentry

Add sample data

php artisan db:seed
php artisan sampledata

Sample users

Cli tools

Add sample data to test

php artisan sampledata

Get Suggestions From

php artisan suggestions:thesaurus <word>

Get Suggestions From

php artisan suggestions:google <word>